[a]Know ye not, that (A)all we which have been baptized into [b]Jesus Christ, have been baptized into his death?

(B)We are buried then with him by baptism into his death, that like as Christ was raised up from the dead [c]to the glory of the Father, so [d]we also should (C)walk in newness of life.

(D)[e]For if we be planted with him to the [f]similitude of his death, even so shall we [g]be to the similitude of his resurrection,

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  1. Romans 6:3 There are three parts of this Sanctification, to wit, the dead of the old man or sin, his burial, and the resurrection of the new man, descending into us from the virtue of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ, of which benefit our baptism is the sign and pledge.
  2. Romans 6:3 To the end that growing up in one with him, we should receive his strength to quench sin in us, and to make us new men.
  3. Romans 6:4 That Christ himself being discharged of his infirmity and weakness, might live in glory with God forever.
  4. Romans 6:4 And we which are his members rise for this end, that being made partakers of the selfsame virtue, we should begin to lead a new life, as though we were already in heaven.
  5. Romans 6:5 The death of sin and the life of righteousness, or our ingrafting into Christ, and growing up into one with him, cannot be separated by any means, neither in death nor life, whereby it followeth, that no man is sanctified, which lived still to sin, and therefore is no man made partaker of Christ by faith, which repenteth not, and turneth not from his wickedness: for as he said before, the Law is not subverted, but established by faith.
  6. Romans 6:5 Insomuch as by the means of the strength which cometh from him to us, we so die to sin as he is dead.
  7. Romans 6:5 For we become every day more perfect than others: for we shall never be perfectly sanctified, as long as we live here.

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