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20 Stop ruining the work of God by insisting on your own opinions about food. You can eat anything you want,[a] but it is wrong to deliberately cause someone to be offended over what you eat. 21 Consider it an act of love[b] to refrain from eating meat or drinking wine or doing anything else that would cause a fellow believer to be offended or tempted to be weakened in his faith.[c] 22 Keep the convictions you have about these matters between yourself and God, and don’t impose them upon others. You’ll be happy when you don’t judge yourself in doing what your conscience approves.

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  1. Romans 14:20 Or “All [food] is [ceremonially] clean [acceptable to eat].”
  2. Romans 14:21 Implied in the context of Rom. 14–15, and is meant to clarify the motivation to limit our liberties among believers.
  3. Romans 14:21 A few manuscripts do not have the last phrase, or “to be weakened in his faith.”

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