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20 Do not , for the sake of food brōma, destroy katalyō the ho work ergon of ho God theos. All pas food is indeed men clean katharos, but alla it is wrong kakos to cause dia · ho another anthrōpos to stumble proskomma by ho what you eat esthiō. 21 It is good kalos · ho not to eat esthiō meat kreas or mēde to drink pinō wine oinos or mēde to do anything that en makes · ho your sy brother adelphos stumble proskoptō. 22 The faith pistis that hos you sy have echō, keep echō as kata your seautou own conviction before enōpion · ho God theos. Blessed makarios is the ho one who has no reason krinō to condemn himself heautou for en what hos he approves dokimazō.

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