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Owe opheilō no mēdeis one anything mēdeis, except ei mē · ho to love agapaō one allēlōn another ; for gar the ho one who loves agapaō his ho neighbor heteros has fulfilled plēroō the law nomos. For gar the ho commandments, “ You shall not ou commit moicheuō adultery , You shall not ou murder phoneuō, You shall not ou steal kleptō, You shall not ou covet epithumeō,” ( and kai any tis other heteros commandment entolē there may be ei) are summed up anakephalaioō in en · ho this houtos saying logos, · ho You shall love agapaō · ho your sy neighbor plēsion as hōs yourself seautou.” 10 · ho Love agapē does ergazomai no ou wrong kakos to ergazomai its ho neighbor plēsion. Therefore oun love agapē is the fulfillment plērōma of the law nomos. · ho

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