[a]Wherefore ye must be subject, not because of wrath only, but [b]also for conscience sake.

[c]For, for this cause ye pay also tribute: for they are God’s ministers, applying themselves for the same thing.

(A)Give to all men therefore their duty: tribute, to whom ye owe tribute: custom, to whom custom: fear, to whom [d]fear: honor, to whom ye owe [e]honor.

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  1. Romans 13:5 The conclusion: We must obey the magistrate, not only for fear of punishment, but much more because that (although the Magistrate have no power over the conscience of man, yet seeing he is God’s minister) he cannot be resisteth by any good conscience.
  2. Romans 13:5 So far as lawfully we may: for if unlawful things be commanded us, we must answer as Peter teacheth us, It is better to obey God than men.
  3. Romans 13:6 He reckoneth up the chiefest things wherein consisteth the obedience of subjects.
  4. Romans 13:7 Obedience, and that from the heart.
  5. Romans 13:7 Reverence, (which as reason is) we must give to the Magistrate.

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