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21 My ministry partner, Timothy,[a] sends his loving greetings, along with Luke,[b] Jason,[c] and Sosipater,[d] my Jewish kinsmen.[e]

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  1. Romans 16:21 Timothy was a spiritual son and ministry partner to the apostle Paul. See Acts 16:1-3.
  2. Romans 16:21 Or “Lucius.” This seems to be the Luke who wrote Luke and Acts, but there remains considerable debate surrounding who that “Luke” may be.
  3. Romans 16:21 Jason also appears in Acts 17, where he opened his home to Paul, Silas, and Timothy while they were in Thessalonica. Tradition states that Jason was one of the seventy disciples sent out by Jesus and was appointed the bishop of Tarsus by Paul.
  4. Romans 16:21 According to church tradition, he was recognized as one of the seventy disciples and became the bishop of Iconium.
  5. Romans 16:21 See Acts 20:4.

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