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15 · kai · ho His autos feet pous were like homoios burnished bronze chalkolibanon, refined pyroō in en a furnace kaminos, and kai · ho his autos voice phōnē was like hōs the roar phōnē of many polys waters hydōr. 16 · kai In en · ho his autos right dexios hand cheir he held echō seven hepta stars astēr, · kai from ek · ho his autos mouth stoma came ekporeuomai a sharp oxys two-edged distomos sword rhomphaia, and kai · ho his autos face opsis was shining phainō like hōs the ho sun hēlios at en · ho full autos strength dynamis. 17 And kai when hote I saw him autos, I fell piptō at pros · ho his autos feet pous as though hōs dead nekros. And kai he laid tithēmi · ho his autos right hand dexios on epi me egō, saying legō, “ Do not fear phobeomai! I egō am eimi the ho First prōtos and kai the ho Last eschatos,

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