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· kai To her autos it has been granted didōmi to hina be clothed periballō in fine linen byssinos, bright lampros and clean katharos”— for gar the ho fine linen byssinos is eimi the ho righteous acts dikaiōma of the ho saints hagios.

And kai the angel said legō to me egō, “ Write graphō, ‘ Blessed makarios are those ho who are invited kaleō to eis the ho marriage gamos supper deipnon · ho of the ho Lamb arnion!’” He also kai said legō to me egō, “ These houtos are eimi the ho true alēthinos words logos of ho God theos.” 10 Then kai I fell piptō down at emprosthen · ho his autos feet pous to worship proskyneō him autos, but kai he said legō to me egō, “ Do horaō not do that! I am eimi a fellow servant syndoulos with you sy and kai · ho your sy brothers adelphos who ho hold echō to the ho testimony martyria about Jesus Iēsous. Worship proskyneō · ho God theos! For gar the ho testimony martyria about Jesus Iēsous is eimi the ho spirit pneuma of ho prophecy prophēteia.”

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