And to her was granted, that she should be arrayed with [a]pure fine linen and shining, for the fine [b]linen is the [c]righteousness of Saints.

[d]Then he said unto me, Write, (A)Blessed are they which are called unto the Lamb’s supper. And he said unto me, These words of God are true.

10 [e]And I fell before his feet, (B)to worship him, but he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellow servant, and one of thy brethren, which have the [f]testimony of Jesus, Worship God: for the testimony of [g]Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy.

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  1. Revelation 19:8 As an ensign of Kingly and priestly dignity: which dignity Christ bestoweth upon us, Rev. 1:6.
  2. Revelation 19:8 This is a gift given by the husband for marriage sake and a most choice ornament, which Christ bestoweth upon us, as upon his spouse.
  3. Revelation 19:8 Good works which are lively testimonies of faith.
  4. Revelation 19:9 Namely the Angel, as appeareth by the next verse.
  5. Revelation 19:10 The particular history of this verse is brought in by occasion, and as it were besides the purpose, that Saint John might make a public example of his own infirmity, and of the modest sanctimony of the Angel, who hath renounced for himself the divine honors, and recalled all the servants of God, unto the worship of him alone: as also Rev. 22:8.
  6. Revelation 19:10 Which are commanded to bear witness of Jesus.
  7. Revelation 19:10 For Jesus is the mark that all the prophecies shoot at.

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