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And[a] authority was given to her to[b] clothe herself with shining clean fine-linen. For the fine-linen is the righteous-acts of the saints. And he[c] says to me, “Write— ‘Blessed are the ones having been called[d] to the banquet of the wedding of the Lamb’”.

These Words Are True Words of God

And he says to me, “These[e] words are true ones of God”. 10 And I fell in front of his feet to give-worship[f] to him. And he says to me “See that you not do it. I am a fellow-slave of you and your brothers— the ones holding the testimony of [g] Jesus. Give-worship to God. For the testimony of [h] Jesus is the spirit[i] of prophecy”.

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  1. Revelation 19:8 The preceding quotation may extend to ‘fine-linen’ or ‘saints’ in this verse.
  2. Revelation 19:8 Or, that she might.
  3. Revelation 19:9 That is, the angel who has been guiding John since 17:1; or, the voice in 19:5, who is now with John in person.
  4. Revelation 19:9 Or, summoned, invited.
  5. Revelation 19:9 That is, all that this angel has been a part of since 17:1; or, the words in verse 9 in particular.
  6. Revelation 19:10 John takes the preceding declaration to mean God is directly speaking to him.
  7. Revelation 19:10 That is, given by; or, about.
  8. Revelation 19:10 That is, given by.
  9. Revelation 19:10 Or, breath. That is, the testimony given by Jesus is the inspiration producing what the prophets speak.

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