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19 And they threw dirt on their heads and were crying-out, weeping and mourning, saying ‘Woe, woe, the great city by which all the ones having ships at sea became-rich because-of her preciousness[a]— because she was desolated in one hour!’

Saints Celebrate

20 “Celebrate[b] over her, heaven and saints and apostles and prophets— because God judged your judgment[c] from her!”

A Strong Angel Says Babylon Will Never Be Seen Again

21 And one strong angel picked-up a stone like a large millstone and threw it into the sea, saying “In this manner, Babylon the great city will be thrown-down with violence and never found again.

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  1. Revelation 18:19 Or, costliness. That is, because of the costly nature of Babylon’s things.
  2. Revelation 18:20 The voice directly addresses believers again, as in v 4.
  3. Revelation 18:20 That is, exacted your verdict.

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