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10 he autos also kai will drink pinō of ek the ho wine oinos of ho God’ s theos wrath thumos, · ho · ho poured kerannymi full strength akratos into en the ho cup potērion of ho his autos wrath orgē, and kai he will be tormented basanizō with en fire pyr and kai sulfur theion in the presence enōpion of the holy hagios angels angelos and kai in the presence enōpion of the ho Lamb arnion. 11 And kai the ho smoke kapnos from ho their autos torture basanismos will go up anabainō forever eis aiōn and ever aiōn, and kai those ho who worship proskyneō the ho beast thērion and kai his autos image eikōn will have echō no ou relief anapausis day hēmera or kai night nyx, · ho along with kai anyone tis who receives lambanō the ho mark charagma of ho his autos name onoma.”

12 This hōde calls for eimi · ho endurance hypomonē on the part of ho the saints hagios, those ho who keep tēreō the ho commandments entolē of ho God theos and kai hold fast to their ho faith pistis in Jesus Iēsous.

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