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14 Then kai I looked, and kai behold idou, I saw a ho Lamb arnion standing histēmi on epi · ho Mount oros Zion Siōn; and kai with meta him autos were one hundred hekaton and forty-four tesserakonta tessares thousand chilias who had echō · ho his autos name onoma and kai · ho his autos Father’ s patēr name onoma · ho written graphō on epi · ho their autos foreheads metōpon. And kai I heard akouō a sound phōnē from ek · ho heaven ouranos like hōs the roar phōnē of many polys waters hydōr and kai like hōs the sound phōnē of loud megas thunder brontē. · kai The ho sound phōnē I heard akouō was like hōs the sound of harpists kitharōidos playing kitharizō on en · ho their autos harps kithara,

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