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10 Then kai I heard akouō a loud megas voice phōnē in en · ho heaven ouranos saying legō, “ Just now arti have come ginomai the ho salvation sōtēria and kai the ho power dynamis and kai the ho kingdom basileia of ho our hēmeis God theos and kai the ho authority exousia of ho his autos Christ Christos, because hoti the ho accuser katēgōr of ho our hēmeis brothers adelphos has been thrown down ballō, the ho one who accuses katēgoreō them autos day hēmera and kai night nyx before enōpion · ho our hēmeis God theos. 11 · kai They autos overcame nikaō him autos by dia the ho blood haima of the ho Lamb arnion and kai by dia the ho word logos of ho their autos testimony martyria, and kai they did not ou love agapaō · ho their autos lives psychē even achri to death thanatos. 12 Therefore dia houtos, rejoice euphrainō, O ho heavens ouranos and kai all who ho dwell skēnoō in en them autos! But woe ouai to you, O ho earth and kai · ho sea thalassa, for hoti the ho devil diabolos has come down katabainō to pros you hymeis having echō great megas wrath thumos, because he knows oida that hoti he has echō only a short oligos time kairos!”

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