56 But they rebelliously tested the Most High God,
for they did not keep His decrees.(A)
57 They treacherously turned away like their fathers;
they became warped like a faulty bow.(B)
58 They enraged Him with their high places
and provoked His jealousy with their carved images.(C)
59 God heard and became furious;
He completely rejected Israel.(D)
60 He abandoned the tabernacle at Shiloh,
the tent where He resided among men.[a](E)
61 He gave up His strength[b] to captivity
and His splendor to the hand of a foe.(F)
62 He surrendered His people to the sword
because He was enraged with His heritage.(G)
63 Fire consumed His chosen young men,
and His young women had no wedding songs.[c](H)
64 His priests fell by the sword,
but the[d] widows could not lament.[e](I)

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  1. Psalm 78:60 Hb adam
  2. Psalm 78:61 = the ark of the covenant
  3. Psalm 78:63 Lit virgins were not praised
  4. Psalm 78:64 Lit His
  5. Psalm 78:64 War probably prevented customary funerals.

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