36 1 The Prophet grievously vexed by the wicked, doth complain of their malicious wickedness. 6 Then he turneth to consider the unspeakable goodness of God toward all creatures. 9 But specially towards his children, that by the faith thereof he may be comforted and assured of his deliverance by this ordinary course of God’s work. 12 Who in the end destroyeth the wicked, and saveth the just.

To him that excelleth. A Psalm of David, the servant of the Lord.

Wickedness saith to the wicked man, [a]even in mine heart, that there is no fear of God before his eyes.

For he [b]flattereth himself in his own eyes, while his iniquity is found worthy to be hated.

The words of his mouth are iniquity and [c]deceit: he hath left off to understand and to do good.

He [d]imagineth mischief upon his bed: he setteth himself upon a way, that is not good, and doth not abhor evil.

Thy [e]mercy, O Lord, reacheth unto the heavens, and thy faithfulness unto the clouds.

Thy righteousness is like the [f]mighty mountains: thy judgments are like a great [g]deep: thou Lord, dost save man and beast.

How excellent is thy mercy, O God! therefore the children of men trust under the shadow of thy wings.

They shall be [h]satisfied with the fatness of thine house, and thou shalt give them drink out of the river of thy pleasures.

For with thee is the well of life, and in thy light shall we see light.

10 Extend thy loving-kindness unto them that [i]know thee, and thy righteousness unto them that are upright in heart.

11 Let not the [j]foot of pride come against me, and let not the hand of the wicked men move me.

12 [k]There they are fallen that work iniquity: they are cast down, and shall not be able to rise.


  1. Psalm 36:1 I see evidently by his deeds, that sin pusheth forward the reprobate from wickedness to wickedness, albeit he go about to cover his impiety.
  2. Psalm 36:2 Though all others detest his vile sin, yet he himself seeth it not.
  3. Psalm 36:3 The reprobate mock at wholesome doctrine, and put not difference between good and evil.
  4. Psalm 36:4 By describing at large the nature of the reprobate, he admonisheth the godly to beware of these vices.
  5. Psalm 36:5 Though wickedness seemeth to overflow all the world, yet by thine heavenly providence thou governest heaven and earth.
  6. Psalm 36:6 Hebrew, the mountains of God: for whatsoever is excellent, is thus called.
  7. Psalm 36:6 The depth of thy providence governeth all things, and disposeth them, albeit the wicked seem to overwhelm the world.
  8. Psalm 36:8 Only God’s children have enough of all things both concerning this life and the life to come.
  9. Psalm 36:10 He showeth who are God’s children, to wit, they that know him, and lead their lives uprightly.
  10. Psalm 36:11 Let not the proud advance himself against me, neither the power of the wicked drive me away.
  11. Psalm 36:12 That is, in their pride wherein they flatter themselves.

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