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27 He rained down meat on them like dust,
birds as numerous as the sand on the seashores.[a]
28 He caused them to fall right in the middle of their camp,
all around their homes.
29 They ate until they were beyond full;[b]
he gave them what they desired.

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  1. Psalm 78:27 tn Heb “and like the sand of the seas winged birds.”
  2. Psalm 78:29 tn Heb “and they ate and were extremely filled.” The verb שָׂבַע (savaʿ, “be satisfied, full”) is often used of eating and/or drinking one’s fill, to have had fully enough and want no more. See BDB 959 s.v. שָׂבַע. In some cases it means to have had more than enough of something (cf. Prov 25:17; Isa 1:11). Here the use of מְאֹד (meʾod, “very”) and the context of the account indicate they felt filled beyond capacity.

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