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God that maketh men of one will to dwell in the house. Which leadeth out by strength them that be bound; in like manner them that make sharp, that dwell in sepulchres. (yea, God who helpeth people to come and live in a house with others. And who leadeth out those who be bound into freedom; but they who rebel shall live in a dry land.)

God, when thou wentest out in the sight of thy people; when thou passedest forth in the desert. (God, when thou wentest out before thy people; yea, when thou wentest forth in the wilderness,)

The earth was moved, for heavens dropped down from the face of God of Sinai; from the face of God of Israel. (the earth shook, and the heavens dropped down rain/and the heavens quaked, before the God of Sinai; yea, before the God of Israel.)

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