13 This their way uttereth their foolishness; yet their posterity [a]delight in their talk. Selah.

14 [b]Like sheep they lie in grave; [c]death devoureth them; and the righteous shall have domination over them in the [d]morning; for their beauty shall consume, when they shall go from their house to grave.

15 But God shall deliver my soul from the power of the grave; [e]for he will receive me. Selah.

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  1. Psalm 49:13 They speak and do the same thing that their fathers did.
  2. Psalm 49:14 As sheep are gathered into the fold, so shall they be brought to the grave.
  3. Psalm 49:14 Because they have no part of life everlasting.
  4. Psalm 49:14 Christ’s coming is as the morning, when the elect shall reign with Christ their head over the wicked.
  5. Psalm 49:15 Or, because he hath received me.
1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

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