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Wake Up, Lord, We’re in Trouble

44 For the Pure and Shining One, by the prophetic singers of Korah’s clan
A contemplative poem for instruction

The Past

1–2 God, we’ve heard about all the glorious miracles
you’ve done for our ancestors in days gone by.
They told us about the ancient times, how by your power
you drove out the ungodly nations from this land,
crushing all their strongholds and giving the land to us.
Now the people of Israel cover the land
from one end to the other,
all because of your grace and power!
Our forefathers didn’t win these battles by their own strength
or their own skill or strategy.
But it was through the shining forth of your radiantpresence
and the display of your mighty power.
You loved to give them victory,
for you took great delight in them.

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