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27 Turn away from evil. Do what is right.[a]
Then you will enjoy lasting security.[b]
28 For the Lord promotes[c] justice,
and never abandons[d] his faithful followers.
They are permanently secure,[e]
but the children[f] of the wicked are wiped out.[g]
29 The godly will possess the land
and will dwell in it permanently.

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  1. Psalm 37:27 tn Or “Do good!” The imperatives are singular (see v. 1).
  2. Psalm 37:27 tn Heb “and dwell permanently.” The imperative with vav (ו) is best taken here as a result clause after the preceding imperatives.
  3. Psalm 37:28 tn Heb “loves.” The verb “loves” is here metonymic; the Lord’s commitment to principles of justice causes him to actively promote these principles as he governs the world. The active participle describes characteristic behavior.
  4. Psalm 37:28 tn The imperfect verbal form draws attention to this generalizing statement.
  5. Psalm 37:28 tn Or “protected forever.”
  6. Psalm 37:28 tn Or “offspring”; Heb “seed.”
  7. Psalm 37:28 tn Or “cut off”; or “removed.” The perfect verbal forms in v. 28b state general truths.

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