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Your justice is like the highest mountains,[a]
your fairness like the deepest sea;
you, Lord, preserve[b] mankind and the animal kingdom.[c]
How precious[d] is your loyal love, O God!
The human race finds shelter under your wings.[e]
They are filled with food from your house,
and you allow them to drink from the river of your delicacies.

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  1. Psalm 36:6 tn Heb “mountains of God.” The divine name אֵל (ʾel, “God”) is here used in an idiomatic manner to indicate the superlative.
  2. Psalm 36:6 tn Or “deliver.”
  3. Psalm 36:6 sn God’s justice/fairness is firm and reliable like the highest mountains and as abundant as the water in the deepest sea. The psalmist uses a legal metaphor to describe God’s preservation of his creation. Like a just judge who vindicates the innocent, God protects his creation from destructive forces.
  4. Psalm 36:7 tn Or “valuable.”
  5. Psalm 36:7 tn Heb “and the sons of man in the shadow of your wings find shelter.” The preservation of physical life is in view, as the next verse makes clear.

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