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In my distress I called out: Lord!
    I cried out to my God.(A)
From his temple he heard my voice;
    my cry to him reached his ears.
[a]The earth rocked and shook;
    the foundations of the mountains trembled;
    they shook as his wrath flared up.(B)
Smoke rose from his nostrils,
    a devouring fire from his mouth;
    it kindled coals into flame.

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  1. 18:8–16 God appears in the storm, which in Palestine comes from the west. The introduction to the theophany (Ps 18:8–9) is probably a description of a violent, hot, and dry east-wind storm. In the fall transition period from the rainless summer to the rainy winter such storms regularly precede the rains, cf. Ex 14:21–22.

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