148 1 He provoketh all creatures to praise the Lord in heaven and earth, and all places. 14 Specially his Church, for the power that he hath given to the same, after that he had chosen them and joined them unto him.

Praise ye the Lord.

Praise ye the Lord from the heaven: praise ye him in the high places.

Praise ye him, all ye [a]his Angels: praise him, all his army.

Praise ye him, [b]sun and moon: praise ye him all bright stars.

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  1. Psalm 148:2 Because they are members of the same body, he setteth them before our eyes, which are most willing hereunto, and by their prompt obedience teach us to do our duty.
  2. Psalm 148:3 In that God’s glory shineth in these insensible creatures, this their beauty is as a continual praising of God.

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