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27 Don’t brag about what will happen tomorrow.
    You don’t really know what will happen then.

Don’t praise yourself. Let someone else do it.
    Let the praise come from a stranger and not from your own mouth.

Stone is heavy, and sand is hard to carry.
    But the complaining of a foolish person causes more trouble than either.

Anger is cruel. It destroys like a flood.
    But who can put up with jealousy!

It is better to correct someone openly
    than to love him and not show it.

The slap of a friend can be trusted to help you.
    But the kisses of an enemy are nothing but lies.

When someone is full, not even honey tastes good.
    But when he is hungry, even something bitter tastes sweet.

A man who leaves his home
    is like a bird that leaves its nest.

Perfume and oils make you happy.
    And good advice from a friend is sweet.

10 Don’t forget your friend or your father’s friend.
    Don’t always go to your brother for help when trouble comes.
    A neighbor close by is better than a brother far away.

11 Be wise, my child, and you will make me happy.
    Then I can respond to any insult.

12 When a wise person sees danger ahead, he avoids it.
    But a foolish person keeps going and gets into trouble.

13 Take the coat of someone who promises to pay what a stranger owes.
    Keep it until he pays the stranger’s bills.

14 Don’t greet your neighbor loudly early in the morning.
    He will think of it as a curse.

15 A quarreling wife is as bothersome
    as a continual dripping on a rainy day.
16 Stopping her is like stopping the wind.
    It’s like trying to grab oil in your hand.

17 Iron can sharpen iron.
    In the same way, people can help each other.

18 The person who tends a fig tree will eat its fruit.
    And the person who takes care of his master will be honored.

19 As water shows you your face,
    so your mind shows you what kind of person you are.

20 People will never stop dying and being destroyed.
    In the same way, people will never stop wanting more than they have.

21 A hot furnace tests silver and gold.
    And people are tested by the praise they receive.

22 Even if you ground up a foolish person like grain in a bowl,
    you couldn’t remove his foolishness.

23 Be sure you know how your sheep are doing.
    Pay close attention to the condition of your cattle.
24 Riches will not continue forever.
    Nor do governments continue forever.
25 Bring in the hay. Let the new grass appear.
    Gather the grass from the hills.
26 Make clothes from the lambs’ wool.
    Sell some goats to buy a field.
27 There will be plenty of goat milk
    to feed you and your family.
    It will make your servant girls healthy.

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