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Wisdom Is Important

My ·children [L sons], listen to your father’s ·teaching [discipline; instruction];
    pay attention ·so you will understand [L to the knowledge of understanding].
·What I am telling you is good [L I will give you good teaching],
    so do not ·forget [L abandon; forsake] ·what I teach you [L my instruction].
When I was a ·young boy in my father’s house [L son to my father]
    ·and like an only child to [L tender, and the only one of] my mother,
my father taught me and said,
    “Hold on to my words with all your heart.
    ·Keep [Guard] my commands and you will live.
·Get [Acquire] wisdom and ·get [acquire] understanding.
    Don’t forget or ·ignore [turn away from] ·my words [L the speeches of my mouth].
·Hold on to wisdom [L Don’t abandon her; C Wisdom is here personified as a woman; 1:20–33; 8:1—9:6], and it [or she] will ·take care of [guard] you.
    Love ·it [or her], and ·it [or she] will ·keep you safe [protect you].
·Wisdom is the most important thing; so get wisdom [L The beginning of wisdom is: Get/Acquire wisdom].
    ·If it costs everything you have [L Above all your acquisitions], ·get [acquire] understanding.
·Treasure wisdom [Highly esteem her], and ·it [or she] will ·make you great [exalt you];
    ·hold on to it [or embrace her], and ·it [or she] will bring you honor.
·It will be like flowers in your hair [L She will place on your head a graceful garland;]
    ·and like a beautiful crown on your head [she will bestow on you a crown of glory].”

10 My ·child [L son], listen and ·accept what I say [L take in my speech].
    Then ·you will have a long life [L your years will be multiplied].
11 I am ·guiding [L teaching] you in the way of wisdom,
    and I am leading you on the ·right [or straight] path.
12 ·Nothing will hold you back [L When you walk, your step will not be hindered];
    ·you will not be overwhelmed [L when you run, you will not stumble].
13 ·Always remember what you have been taught [L Be determined/resolute in our instruction],
    and don’t ·let go of it [slack off].
·Keep all that you have learned [L Protect it];
    it is ·the most important thing in [L your] life.
14 Don’t ·follow the ways [go in the way] of the wicked;
    don’t ·do what evil people do [L walk straight on to the path of evil people].
15 Avoid their ways, and don’t ·follow [cross over to] them.
    Stay away from them and keep on going,
16 because they cannot sleep until they do evil.
    ·They cannot rest until they harm someone [L They are robbed of sleep unless they cause people to stumble].
17 They feast on wickedness as if they were eating bread.
    They drink violence as if they were drinking wine.

18 The way of the ·good [righteous] person is like the ·light of dawn [L shining light],
    growing brighter and brighter until full daylight.
19 But the ·wicked walk around in the dark [L path of the wicked is like deep darkness];
    they ·can’t even see what makes them [L don’t know where they will] stumble.

20 My ·child [L son], pay attention to my words;
    ·listen closely to what I say [L bend your ear to my speech].
21 Don’t ·ever forget my words [L let your eyes slip];
    ·keep them always in mind [L guard them in your heart].
22 They are ·the key to life [L life] for those who find them;
    they bring health to the whole body.
23 ·Be careful what you think [L Above all that you guard, protect your heart],
    because ·your thoughts run your life [L life flows from it].
24 ·Don’t use your mouth to tell lies [L Have nothing to do with a perverse mouth];
    ·don’t ever say things that are not true [L keep loose lips far from you].
25 Keep your eyes focused on what is ·right [or straight ahead],
    and ·look straight ahead to what is good [L your eyelids on what is in front].
26 ·Be careful what you do [L Watch your feet on the way],
    and ·always do what is right [L all your paths will be secure/sure].
27 Don’t turn off ·the road of goodness [L to the right or to the left];
    ·keep away [L turn your feet] from evil paths.

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