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22 When the Lord blesses you
with riches,
    you have nothing to regret.[a]
23 Fools enjoy doing wrong,
    but anyone with good sense
    enjoys acting wisely.
24 What evil people dread most
    will happen to them,
    but good people will get
    what they want most.

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  1. 10.22 When. . . regret: Or “No matter how hard you work, your riches really come From the Lord.”

22 The blessing of the Lord(A) brings wealth,(B)
    without painful toil for it.(C)

23 A fool finds pleasure in wicked schemes,(D)
    but a person of understanding delights in wisdom.

24 What the wicked dread(E) will overtake them;(F)
    what the righteous desire will be granted.(G)

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