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18 The people of Jacob will become a fire
    and the family of Joseph a flame.
They will ignite and consume the people of Esau as they execute divine punishment
    until only dry stubble remains.
No one from the people of Esau will survive the conflagration.

So declares the Eternal One.

19 Eternal One: The people from the southern desert[a] will take over Mount Esau,
        and those from the foothills[b] will flood into the Philistines’ coastal plain.
    They will possess the fertile lands of Ephraim and Samaria,
        and Benjamin’s people will inhabit Gilead.
20     The army of exiled sons and daughters of Israel will stream back home
        and live along the coast and possess the Canaanites as far as Zarephath.
    And the exiles of Jerusalem who live in Sepharad
        will settle down in the cities and villages of the South.[c]

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  1. Verse 19 Hebrew, Negev
  2. Verse 19 Hebrew, Shephelah
  3. Verse 20 Hebrew, Negev

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