“Take the Levites from among the sons of Israel and (A)cleanse them. Thus you shall do to them, for their [a]cleansing: sprinkle [b]purifying (B)water on them, and let them [c](C)use a razor over their whole [d]body and (D)wash their clothes, and they will be clean. Then let them take a [e]bull with (E)its grain offering, fine flour mixed with oil; and a second [f]bull you shall take for a sin offering.

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  1. Numbers 8:7 Lit this their cleansing
  2. Numbers 8:7 Lit water of sin
  3. Numbers 8:7 Lit cause to pass
  4. Numbers 8:7 Lit flesh
  5. Numbers 8:8 Or bull of the herd
  6. Numbers 8:8 Or bull of the herd

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