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30 with Elizaphan son of Uzziel as chief of the clan. 31 They were responsible for the Covenant Box, the table, the lampstand, the altars, the utensils the priests use in the Holy Place, and the curtain at the entrance to the Most Holy Place. They were responsible for all the service connected with these items.

32 The chief of the Levites was Eleazar son of Aaron the priest. He was in charge of those who carried out the duties in the Holy Place.

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30 The leader of the families of the Kohathite clans was Elizaphan(A) son of Uzziel. 31 They were responsible for the care of the ark,(B) the table,(C) the lampstand,(D) the altars,(E) the articles(F) of the sanctuary used in ministering, the curtain,(G) and everything related to their use.(H) 32 The chief leader of the Levites was Eleazar(I) son of Aaron, the priest. He was appointed over those who were responsible(J) for the care of the sanctuary.(K)

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