3-9 Decree of Balaam son of Beor,
        yes, decree of a man with 20/20 vision;
    Decree of a man who hears God speak,
        who sees what The Strong God shows him,
    Who falls on his face in worship,
        who sees what’s really going on.
    What beautiful tents, Jacob,
        oh, your homes, Israel!
    Like valleys stretching out in the distance,
        like gardens planted by rivers,
    Like sweet herbs planted by the gardener God,
        like red cedars by pools and springs,
    Their buckets will brim with water,
        their seed will spread life everywhere.
    Their king will tower over Agag and his ilk,
        their kingdom surpassingly majestic.
    God brought them out of Egypt,
        rampaging like a wild ox,
    Gulping enemies like morsels of meat,
        crushing their bones, snapping their arrows.
    Israel crouches like a lion and naps,
        king-of-the-beasts—who dares disturb him?
    Whoever blesses you is blessed,
        whoever curses you is cursed.

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