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and he shall offer wine to the flowing sacrifice, of the third part of the same measure, into odour of sweetness to the Lord. (and he shall offer wine of the same measure, for the wine offering, that is, a third of a hin, to make the sweetest aroma to the Lord.)

Forsooth when thou makest a burnt sacrifice, either an offering, of oxen, that thou [ful]fill a vow, either peaceable sacrifice[s], (And when thou makest a burnt sacrifice, or a sacrifice, of an ox, so that thou fulfill a vow, or a peace offering,)

thou shalt give, by each ox, three tenth parts of tried flour, sprinkled (al)together with oil, which shall have the half measure of (a) hin; (thou shalt give, with each ox, a grain offering of fine flour, three tenths of an ephah, sprinkled with half a hin of oil;)

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