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34 And our kings, and our princes, and our priests, and our fathers, have not done thy law; and they perceived not thy behests and thy witnessings, which thou hast witnessed in thy behests. (And our kings, and our leaders, and our priests, and our fathers, have not obeyed thy Law; and they did not heed thy commandments and thy testimonies, which thou witnessed to them.)

35 And they, in their good realms, and in thy much goodness which thou gavest to them, and in the full large land and fat, which thou haddest given in the sight of them, served not thee, neither turned again from their worst studies. (And they, in their kingdoms/with their kings, and in the great goodness, or prosperity, which thou gavest them, and in the very broad and fertile land, which thou gavest them, served thee not, nor turned away from their evil doings.)

36 Lo! we ourselves be thralls to day; and the land which thou gavest to our fathers, that they should eat the bread thereof, and the goods that be thereof, is thrall; and we ourselves be thralls, either bondmen, in that land. (Lo! we ourselves be slaves today, in the land which thou gavest to our forefathers, so that they could eat its bread, and enjoy its good things; yea, we ourselves be slaves, or bondsmen, here in this land.)

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