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This is the ·message [oracle; burden] for the city of Nineveh [C the capital of the Assyrian empire]. This is the book of the vision of Nahum, ·who was from the town of Elkosh [L the Elkoshite; C of uncertain location].

The Lord Is Angry with Nineveh

The Lord is a ·jealous [zealous] God [Ex. 20:5; 34:14; Deut. 4:24; 5:9; Josh. 24:19] who ·punishes [avenges];
    the Lord ·punishes [avenges] and is filled with ·anger [wrath].
The Lord ·punishes [takes vengeance on] ·those who are against him [his adversaries/enemies],
    and he ·stays angry with [or vents his wrath against] his enemies.
The Lord ·does not become angry quickly [L is slow to anger; Ex. 34:6; Num. 14:18; Neh. 9:17; Ps. 86:15; 145:8; Joel 2:13; Jon. 4:2],
    and his power is great.
    The Lord will not let the guilty go unpunished.
·Where the Lord goes, there are [L His way/path is in] whirlwinds and storms,
    and the clouds are the dust beneath his feet [C God’s awesome power is seen in nature; the clouds are his chariot; Ps. 68:4; 104:3; Dan. 7:13; Matt. 24:30; 26:64; Rev. 1:7].
He ·speaks to [rebukes] the sea and makes it dry [Ps. 106:9; Matt. 8:26; Luke 8:24];
    he dries up all the rivers.
The areas of Bashan and Carmel dry up,
    and the ·flowers [blossoms] of Lebanon dry up [C areas known for their lush vegetation and fertile land].
The mountains ·shake [tremble] in front of him,
    and the hills melt.
The earth ·trembles [heaves] ·when he comes [before him],
    the world and all who live in it.

·No one [L Who…?] can ·stay alive [withstand/stand before] ·when he is angry [his indignation/anger];
    no one can ·survive [endure] his ·strong [fierce; burning] anger.
His ·anger [wrath] is poured out like fire;
    the rocks ·are smashed by [crumble before] him.

The Lord is good,
    ·giving protection [a stronghold; refuge] in ·times [L the day] of trouble.
    He ·knows [cares for] those who trust in him.
But like a ·rushing [overwhelming] flood,
    he will ·completely destroy [make an end of] ·Nineveh [her place; C Nineveh was destroyed in 612 bc, after Nahum wrote];
    he will ·chase [pursue] his enemies ·until he kills them [into darkness].

The Lord will completely destroy
    ·anyone making plans [or whatever you plot/conspire] against him.
    Trouble will not come a second time.
10 Those people will be ·like tangled [or entangled among] thorns
    or like people drunk from their wine;
    they will be ·burned up quickly [consumed] like ·dry weeds [stubble].
11 Someone has come from ·Nineveh [L you]
    who ·makes evil plans [plots evil] against the Lord
    and gives wicked ·advice [counsel; strategy].
12 This is what the Lord says:
“Although Assyria ·is strong [or has allies] and has many people,
    it will be ·defeated [destroyed] and ·brought to an end [pass away].
Although I have ·made you suffer, Judah [L afflicted you],
    I will ·make you suffer [afflict you] no more.
13 Now I will ·free you from their control [L break his yoke from you]
    and tear away your ·chains [shackles].”

14 The Lord has given you this command, Nineveh:
    “You will not have ·descendants [L seed] to carry on your name.
I will ·destroy [L cut off] the ·idols [carved images] and metal images
    that are in the ·temple [L house] of your gods.
I will ·make [prepare] a grave for you,
    because you are ·wicked [vile; despicable].”

15 Look, there on the ·hills [mountains],
    ·someone is [L the feet of one] bringing good news [Is. 52:7]!
    He is announcing peace!
Celebrate your ·feasts [festivals], people of Judah,
    and ·give your promised sacrifices to God [L fulfill your vows].
The wicked will not come to attack you again;
    they have been completely ·destroyed [L cut off].

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