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Then shall the chozim (seers) be ashamed, and the kosemim (diviners) blush in bushah; yea, they shall all cover their safam (mustache, i.e., their lips); ki ein ma’aneh Elohim (for there is no answer of G-d).

But truly I am full of ko’ach by the Ruach [Hakodesh] of Hashem, and of mishpat, and of gevurah (might), to preach unto Ya’akov his peysha, and to Yisroel his chattat. [Yeshayah 53:5,8,12]

Hear this, I pray you, ye Rashei Bais Ya’akov, and Ketzinim of Bais Yisroel, that abhor mishpat, and twist kol haYesharah (all the right, the straight).

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Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

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