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Woe to me, for I am made as he that gathereth in harvest (the) raisins of (the) grapes; there is no cluster for to eat; my soul desired (the) figs ripe before (the) others.

The holy (man) perished from [the] earth, and (a) rightful (man) is not in men; all ambush, either set treason, in blood; a man hunteth his brother to death. (The holy people have perished from the earth, and there is no one upright among the people; all ambush, or set treason, for blood; everyone hunteth his brother, or his kinsman, unto the death.)

The evil of their hands they say good; the prince asketh, and the doomsman is in yielding; and a great man spake the desire of his soul, and they troubled together it. (They say that the evil of their hands is good; the leader, or the ruler, and the judge, ask for gifts, or bribes; the great man spoke of the evil desire of his heart, and he got it; yea, they all make trouble together.)

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