14 Therefore shalt thou give presents to Moresheth [a]Gath: the houses of Achzib shall be as a lie to the kings of Israel.

15 Yet will I bring an [b]heir unto thee, O inhabitant of Mareshah, he shall come unto Adullam, [c]the glory of Israel.

16 Make thee bald: and shave thee for thy delicate children: enlarge thy baldness as the eagle, for they are gone into captivity from thee.

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  1. Micah 1:14 Thou shalt bribe the Philistines thy neighbors, but they shall deceive thee, as well as they of Jerusalem.
  2. Micah 1:15 He prophesieth against his own city: and because it signified an heritage, he saith that God would send an heir to possess it.
  3. Micah 1:15 For so they thought themselves for the strength of their city.
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