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and kai do not presume dokeō you can say legō to en yourselves heautou, ‘ We have echō · ho Abraham Abraam as our father patēr’; for gar I say legō to you hymeis that hoti God theos is able dynamai · ho from ek · ho these houtos stones lithos to raise egeirō up children teknon to ho Abraham Abraam. 10 Even de now ēdē the ho axe axinē is lying keimai at pros the ho root rhiza of the ho trees dendron; so oun any pas tree dendron that does not bear poieō good kalos fruit karpos will be cut ekkoptō down and kai thrown ballō into eis the fire pyr.

11  I egō baptize baptizō you hymeis with en water hydōr for eis repentance metanoia, but de the ho one who comes erchomai after opisō me egō is eimi greater ischuros than I egō I am eimi not ou worthy hikanos even to remove bastazō his hos · ho sandals hypodēma. He autos will baptize baptizō you hymeis with en the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma and kai with fire pyr.

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