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15 “Great sorrow awaits you religious scholars and you Pharisees—such frauds and pretenders! For you will travel over lake and land to find one disciple, only to make him twice the child of hell[a] as yourselves.

16 “You blind guides![b] Great sorrow awaits you, for you teach that there’s nothing binding when you swear by God’s temple, but if you swear by the gold of the temple, you are bound by your oath. 17 You are deceived in your blindness![c] Which is greater, the gold or the temple that makes the gold sacred?

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  1. Matthew 23:15 Or “son of Gehenna.” Gehenna is an Aramaic word for the garbage dump outside of Jerusalem, which became a metaphor for hell.
  2. Matthew 23:16 The Aramaic is “blind rescuers.”
  3. Matthew 23:17 Or “you blind fools.”

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