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15  Woe ouai to you hymeis, scribes grammateus and kai Pharisees Pharisaios, hypocrites hypokritēs, because hoti you travel periagō over · ho sea thalassa and kai · ho land xēros to gain poieō a single heis convert prosēlytos; and kai when hotan he becomes ginomai one, you make poieō him autos twice as much diplous a son hyios of hell geenna as diplous yourselves hymeis.

16  Woe ouai to you hymeis, blind typhlos guides hodēgos who ho say legō, ‘ If someone hos an swears omnyō by en the ho temple naos it means eimi nothing oudeis; but de if someone hos swears omnyō by en the ho gold chrysos of the ho temple naos, he is bound opheilō by his oath.’ 17 You fools mōros and kai blind typhlos men ! For gar which tis is eimi greater megas, the ho gold chrysos or ē the ho temple naos that ho makes the ho gold chrysos sacred hagiazō?

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