11 But he that is greatest among you, let him be your servant.

12 (A)For whosoever [a]will exalt himself, shall be brought low: and whosoever will humble himself, shall be exalted.

13 [b]Woe therefore be unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, [c]hypocrites, because ye shut up the kingdom of heaven before men: for ye yourselves go not in, neither suffer ye them that would [d]enter, to come in.

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  1. Matthew 23:12 He seemeth to allude to the name of the Rabbis, for Rabbi signifieth one that is aloft.
  2. Matthew 23:13 Hypocrites can abide none to be better than themselves.
  3. Matthew 23:13 Christ when he reproveth any man sharply, uses this word, to give us to understand that there is nothing more detestable than hypocrisy and falsehood in religion.
  4. Matthew 23:13 Which are even at the door.

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