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43 Then Jesus said to them, “How is it that David, inspired by the Holy Spirit, could call his son the Lord? For didn’t he say:

44 The Lord Jehovah said to my Lord,
    ‘Sit near me in the place of authority
    until I subdue all your enemies under Your feet’?[a]

45 “So how could David call his own son ‘the Lord Jehovah’?”[b]

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  1. Matthew 22:44 See Ps. 110:1, which is the Old Testament passage of Scripture most often quoted in the New Testament.
  2. Matthew 22:45 As translated from the Aramaic. To those who insisted on only interpreting the Scriptures literally, Jesus was proving there was a deeper spiritual interpretation. To say the Messiah would be the Son of David means that the Anointed One would manifest the qualities and devotion that David walked in. A true “spiritual” son of David.

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