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25 Then again He laid His hands on his eyes, and looked-intently, and restored[a] them. And he was seeing everything clearly. 26 And He sent him away to his house, saying “Do not even enter into the village”.

Who Do You Disciples Say That I Am? Peter Says, You Are The Messiah

27 And Jesus and His disciples went forth into the villages of Philip’s[b] Caesarea. And on the way, He was questioning His disciples, saying to them “Who do people say that I am?”

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  1. Mark 8:25 Since ‘them’ is not expressed in the Greek, some take this verb to mean simply ‘he restored’; that is, ‘he changed back’, ‘he recovered’. In this case, these verbs refer to the man instead of Jesus, ‘on his eyes. And he looked-intently and recovered, and was seeing everything clearly’.
  2. Mark 8:27 That is, the capital city of Herod Philip II (see Lk 3:1), north of the Sea of Galilee (as opposed to the Caesarea on the coast).

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