And when they saw some of his disciples [a]eat meat with [b]common hands, (that is to say, unwashen) they complained.

(For the Pharisees, and all the Jews, except they wash their hands oft, eat not, [c]holding the traditions of the Elders.

And when they come from the [d]market, except they wash, they eat not: and many other things there be, which they have taken upon them to observe, as the washing of cups, and [e]pots, and of brazen vessels, and of beds.)

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  1. Mark 7:2 Word for word, eat bread: a kind of speech which the Hebrews use, taking bread for all kinds of food.
  2. Mark 7:2 For the Pharisees would not eat their meat with unwashed hands, because they thought that their hands were defiled with common handling of things, Matt. 15:11, 12.
  3. Mark 7:3 Observing diligently.
  4. Mark 7:4 That is to say, from civil affairs and worldly, they go not to meat, unless they wash themselves first.
  5. Mark 7:4 By these words are understood all kinds of vessels, which are appointed for our daily use.
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