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20 “But the seed sown on good soil represents those who open their hearts to receive the Word and their lives bear good fruit—some yield a harvest of thirty, sixty, even one hundred times more than was sown!”

Parable of the Lamp

21 He also gave them this parable: “No one lights a lamp[a] only to place it under a basket or under the bed. It is meant to be placed on a lampstand. 22 For there is nothing that is hidden that won’t be disclosed, and there is no secret that won’t be brought out into the light!

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  1. Mark 4:21 The Jewish people considered the Torah, God’s Word, to be a lamp that gives light to see and understand. Israel was meant to be a light that gives illumination to the nations. Jesus also calls his followers those who “light up the world.” See Matt. 5:14.

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