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20 And those people are the ones having been sown[a] the seed on the good soil, who are hearing[b] the word and accepting it and bearing-fruit— thirty fold and sixty fold and a hundred fold”.

The Lamp Comes To Shine, Not To Be Hidden

21 And He was saying to them, “The lamp does not come in order that it may be put under the basket or under the bed, does it? Is it not in order that it may be put on the lampstand? 22 For it is not hidden, except in order that it may be made-visible[c]. Nor did it become hidden-away, but in order that it may come into visibility.

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  1. Mark 4:20 That is, who have been sown the seed. Note the change in tense. The second two soils are ‘being sown’; they are in the process of being sown in hopes that a fruitful crop can be grown. This soil has been sown and is bearing fruit.
  2. Mark 4:20 That is, listening to, in the sense of ‘obeying’. Note the change of tense that stresses continuous action here (are hearing), in contrast to the first three soils.
  3. Mark 4:22 Or, revealed. One would only hide a lamp for the purpose of shining it at the proper time. The lamp may be Jesus, who came to light the world, but is hidden from Israel until the proper time; or, the truth Jesus brings, which is now hidden in parables in order that it may come into visibility at the proper time. Or, the lamp may refer to the word of God which believers hide in their hearts in order that it may shine at the opportune time.

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