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27 But alla no one oudeis can dynamai enter eiserchomai the ho house oikia of the ho strong ischuros man and carry off diarpazō · ho his autos possessions skeuos unless ean mē first prōton he ties up deō the ho strong ischuros man ; · kai then tote he can rob diarpazō · ho his autos house oikia.

28  I tell legō you hymeis the truth amēn, all pas things will be forgiven aphiēmi the ho sons hyios of ho men anthrōpos, · ho all sinful hamartēma behavior and kai · ho whatever hosos blasphemies blasphēmia they may utter blasphēmeō; 29 but de whoever hos blasphemes blasphēmeō against eis the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma · ho will not ou have echō forgiveness aphesis for eis all ho time aiōn, but alla is eimi guilty enochos of an eternal aiōnios sin hamartēma

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