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17 And de these houtos signs sēmeion will accompany parakoloutheō those ho who believe pisteuō: in en · ho my egō name onoma they will cast out ekballō demons daimonion; they will speak laleō in new kainos tongues glōssa; 18 · kai with en their ho hands cheir they will pick up airō snakes ophis; and kan if they drink pinō any tis deadly thanasimos poison it will blaptō in no way ou harm blaptō them autos; they will lay epitithēmi hands cheir on epi the sick arrōstos, and kai they will recover kalōs.” 19 Then oun the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous, after meta · ho he had spoken laleō to them autos, was taken analambanō up into eis · ho heaven ouranos, and kai sat kathizō down at ek the right dexios hand of ho God theos.

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