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17 And these signs will accompany[a] the ones having believed: in My name they will cast-out demons, they will speak in[b] new tongues[c], 18 and they will pick up snakes[d] with their hands. And if they drink any deadly thing, it will by-no-means[e] hurt[f] them. They will lay hands on sick ones, and they will be well”.

Jesus Is Taken Up Into Heaven

19 So indeed the Lord Jesus, after He spoke to them, was taken-up into heaven and sat-down on the right side of God.

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  1. Mark 16:17 Or, closely follow, follow beside.
  2. Mark 16:17 Or, with.
  3. Mark 16:17 Or, languages.
  4. Mark 16:18 Compare Lk 10:19, Acts 28:3-6.
  5. Mark 16:18 Or, never.
  6. Mark 16:18 Or, harm, injure.

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