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52 Then de Jesus Iēsous said legō to pros those ho who had come paraginomai out against epi him autos—the chief archiereus priests and kai officers stratēgos of the ho temple hieron and kai elders presbyteros, “Why did you come out exerchomai as hōs against epi a robber lēstēs, with meta swords machaira and kai clubs xylon? 53 Day after kata day hēmera, when I egō was eimi with meta you hymeis in en the ho temple hieron, you did not ou stretch ekteinō out your ho hands cheir against epi me egō. But alla this houtos is eimi your hymeis · ho hour hōra, and kai the hour for the ho power exousia of ho darkness skotos. 54 Then de they seized syllambanō him autos and led agō him away , and kai brought eisagō him into eis the ho house oikia of the ho high archiereus priest . · ho · de Peter Petros was following akoloutheō at a distance makrothen.

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